Big Concert Crowd


A musician who does not follow fashion in the world of music does not chase fashion trends now to create a track that will not lag behind the trend. He creates compositions that come directly from his inner world, because, in truth, he believes that the main thing is not a fashion trend, but a soul movement. 


“Each of my tracks is a new story inspired by stars”


I always liked to watch clips from the biggest festivals in the TRANCE style, from the outside it looks very explosive! When a DJ stands on stage in front of thousands of people and gives them an incredible experience. And I thought: “It’s probably very cool, to stand like that on the stage, and everyone is looking only at you!” And from this moment on, this thought remains with me to this day.


I did not have a specific goal to become a DJ, I love music from childhood. And the idea of ​​writing music came to me quite by accident, when I came across a disc with a music program in which there were only ready-made samples from which it was possible to create musical compositions. Well and also, over time I began to study more complex and professional programs for writing music. And the inspiration for me was the favorite DJs I listened to



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